Problems are


Gerhard Gschwantner quote “Problems are nothing but wakeup calls for creativity”.

Great leaders must possess some creative thinking ability in order to be successful. This quote was shared on Rapport Leadership’s Facebook Page. If you would like to see quotes like this, simply follow us at



Do it

do the crazy thing

Infographic shared on Rapport Leadership’s Facebook Page

Do the crazy thing the hard-to-imagine-but-somehow-you-did thing the brings-you-to-your-knees thing, the no-one-would-ever-do-it-that-way-thing the safety-net-would-not-even-matter thing the it-could-kill-you-but-not-trying-is-another-kind-of-death thing the thing on your heart do it and let them gasp right before they call it a thing of wonder. Ciona Rouse